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New Features for LinkedIn Users

In the ever-changing world of social networking, LinkedIn is taking another step into the future by integrating artificial intelligence-based tools. One of the giants of social media recently announced new features that promise to enhance the user experience on its platform. AI continues to redefine the way we interact online, and these latest advances only reinforce this trend.

Photo du nouvel IA sur LinkedIn
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LinkedIn Harnesses AI for Visual Graphics and Diagrams

LinkedIn has chosen to integrate the functionality of Microsoft Designer, an alternative to Canva, into its platform. Microsoft Designer allows users to create images without having any graphic design skills or having to use software such as Adobe. Users simply describe what they want in natural language, and Designer automatically generates a corresponding image. This new integration will enable users to automatically create diagrams and graphics from simple descriptions and even images. The aim is to make it easier to add visual elements to messages, eliminating the need to leave the platform to create attractive visuals. The aim of this feature is to increase user engagement and prolong the time they spend on LinkedIn. This integration, which is still in the testing phase with a restricted group, will enable users to attract more attention in LinkedIn's saturated newsfeed.

LinkedIn's Previous Advances in AI

This isn't LinkedIn's first foray into AI. The professional platform had already launched two features based on this technology. The first makes it easier for users to create biographies, while the second targets recruiters by helping them identify potential candidates. With this new feature, users can now add a visual dimension to their messages, enhancing the communication and impact of their publications.

Dall-E: The underlying technology

The technology that powers Microsoft Designer and its integration into LinkedIn comes from OpenAI, specifically the Dall-E image generator. While ChatGPT may have taken centre stage, Dall-E remains a driving force in the development of AI-based tools for image creation.

The Future of AI on LinkedIn

For now, only beta testers have the chance to shine thanks to the integration of Designer on LinkedIn. However, the future of this feature and AI in general on the platform remains to be seen. We look forward to finding out how LinkedIn will extend this new feature to its entire user community, and whether it will be restricted to premium subscribers or available to everyone.


LinkedIn continues its quest to improve the user experience by integrating innovative artificial intelligence features. The integration of Microsoft Designer and OpenAI's Dall-E technology represents another step in the expansion of creative possibilities on the platform. As users benefit from new ways to communicate visually, the future of AI on LinkedIn promises exciting new advances for professionals around the world.

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