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Instagram, generative AI arrives in force!

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

As the saying goes, "nothing ventured, nothing gained"! The digital giants are vying with each other in their ingenuity to explore the vast universe of artificial intelligence. And of course, social networks are not to be outdone! While TikTok and Snapchat have already taken the plunge by integrating intelligent chatbots, Instagram, the Meta group's nugget, has no intention of being left behind.

Instagram, l'IA générative débarque en force !

After launching Threads, a messaging application dedicated to close friends, Instagram is now focusing on generative artificial intelligence to offer even more fun and interactive features. Alessandro Paluzzi, the renowned developer and leaker, who is no stranger to making a splash, revealed this juicy tidbit on Twitter. In the past, his predictions about future social networking features, including Instagram's, have proved correct.

Generative AI: incredible opportunities for Meta

Generative AI, a fast-growing field in artificial intelligence, offers exciting opportunities for Meta, Instagram's parent company. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, recently expressed his enthusiasm for the technology, saying that it is driving them to integrate it into all their products. While generative AI is already being used for chatbots such as ChatGPT and visual creation tools such as Midjourney, Instagram is keen to harness its potential to enhance its users' experience.

Tags on AI-generated content

To ensure the transparency and authenticity of content shared on the platform, Instagram plans to introduce new labels to indicate when images have been created using generative AI tools. These labels will make it easy for users to differentiate between AI-generated content and regular content created by users themselves, boosting trust and credibility within the Instagram community.

Capture d'écran instagram création d'un sticker
Photo credit: Mediapost

Instagram AI chatbot

Instagram is also working on an AI chatbot that will be integrated into direct messages (DMs). By using the tag "@ai" in the chat field to choose from 30 different personalities, users will be able to interact with this AI chatbot, which will be able to answer their questions, provide recommendations and even resolve disputes by offering amusing anecdotes. This feature will add a new dimension of engagement and interaction between users and the platform. The rumour is already making the web quiver, and Instagram users are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new kind of chatbot. While TikTok is experimenting with Tako, its conversational robot in the making, and Snapchat has already rolled out My AI, powered by Open AI's GPT linguistic model, Instagram is planning to strike hard with its own interpretation of generative AI.

Capture d'écran du chat avec l'IA sur Instagram
Photo credit : SocialMedia College

Visual editing tools

Instagram plans to introduce two new features to improve the post-creation process. Firstly, AI brush will allow users to replace parts of an image using generative AI, making it easier to edit and enhance images. Secondly, the 'Restyle' feature will give images a unique style, offering users unlimited creative possibilities for personalising their publications..

Tweet d'Alessandro Paluzzi
Alessandro Paluzzi's tweet

Message summaries

For users with busy schedules, Instagram is working on an AI-powered tool that will automatically summarise full direct messages. This feature will allow users to save time by quickly viewing important conversations without having to read long messages.

Capture d'écran du résume des textes sur Instagram avec l'IAGénérative
Photo credit : socialmediatoday

Generative AI sticker creation

Instagram will soon be offering a tool for creating custom stickers for posts and stories using simple text. Using generative AI, users will be able to add unique and eye-catching stickers to their content, increasing the aesthetic appeal and creativity of their posts.

Capture d'écran de la création d'un autocollant IA Générative
Photo credit : socialmediatoday


Another exciting feature called 'Standouts' will celebrate the people and moments that have shaped users' experience on Instagram as they interact with friends and take part in shared activities. This feature will highlight important moments and strengthen social connections on the platform.


Instagram is firmly entering the era of generative AI to offer innovative and fun features to its users. With visual creation tools, AI chatbots and transparency tags, the platform promises an enhanced and more interactive user experience. So get ready to explore these exciting new features that will make your Instagram experience even more entertaining!

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