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What is Creative Therapy?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Creative Therapy

Creative therapy, also known as art therapy, is a form of therapy that uses the creative arts to help people express and explore their emotions, thoughts and experiences. Creative therapy can involve a variety of art forms, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, music, dance, writing, photography and many others.

This process is often led by a trained therapist, who guides the patient through the creative process and helps them to explore and understand the hidden meanings behind their artwork. Art therapy can be used to help people overcome a variety of problems, such as stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, illness and other difficulties.

Art therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with other forms of therapy such as cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, or psychotherapy. It is an effective form of therapy that can help people to better understand their emotions and find ways to deal with them in a healthy and constructive way.

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