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Color of Barbie, the Shocking Pink Wave conquers the Marketing World

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

The Barbie phenomenon is undeniably taking the world by storm. The release of Greta Gerwig's Barbie film has invaded the marketing world with its "shocking pink" colour, sparking a new aesthetic inspired by the famous doll. Brands around the world have seized the opportunity to join in this movement and offer products and experiences linked to the world of Barbie.

*Shocking Pink: The colour "Shocking Pink" is an intense and vibrant pink, often described as a bright and striking pink. This shade is characterised by its luminosity and brightness, which immediately attracts attention. The name "Shocking Pink" is associated with this shade of pink in reference to fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, who popularised the colour in the 1930s.

Photo du film Barbie
Screenshot/ Warners Bros France of the film Barbie

1. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Barbie with the Maserati Grecale!

The prestigious Italian brand Maserati has decided to make the dreams of fans of the famous doll come true by creating an ultra-limited edition of the Maserati Grecale, entirely in the likeness of Barbie. Announced in collaboration with Mattel at the end of 2022, this one-of-a-kind car is a real plunge into the glittering pink world of Barbieland. From the very first glance, the Maserati Grecale Barbie captivates with its enchanting design. Every detail has been carefully thought out to pay tribute to the fairytale aesthetic of the famous doll.

Voiture rose barbie de la marque Maserati
Photo credit : Maserati

2. Barbie's House in Malibu: When the Pink Dream Comes True Thanks to Airbnb

High in the hills of Malibu, famous for its heavenly beaches and Hollywood glamour, a villa in flashy pink has appeared, attracting the attention of the curious and lovers of the world of Barbie. This was no mere coincidence, but a veritable ode to the famous doll. It was thanks to the keen eye of American photojournalist John Schreiber that this dazzlingly colourful home was spotted.

Maison barbie sur AirBNB
Photo credit : AirBNB

3. Welcome to the DreamHouse!

Burger King in Brazil has decided to transform itself into Barbie's dream house, plunging visitors straight into the magical world of the famous dolls. Burger King in Brazil has jumped on the Barbie bandwagon, offering a Barbie menu including a "Pink Burger" with a bubble-gum coloured smoked sauce, Barbie branded fries, a strawberry milkshake and even a pink donut to round it all off.

4. When the Barbie universe enters the world of video games

The collaboration between Warner Bros. and Microsoft has resulted in a flashy pink Xbox games console, accompanied by an ultra-limited edition Barbie house in the game Forza Horizons 5, where players can drive iconic Barbie and Ken cars.

Photo de la XBOX Barbie
Photo credit : Microsoft

5. Google goes pink to celebrate Barbie

In the world of technology, Google is known for its serious and sober approach. However, the tech giant has surprised everyone by getting caught up in the pink and girly Barbie wave. Google has decided to join in the Barbie craze by making its search engine sparkle in an unexpected way. When you search for "Barbie" on Google, the result is much more than just a list of links. The search engine suddenly lights up with a thousand lights, creating a sparkling, magical animation. The emblematic Google logo is surrounded by sparkling sequins, reminiscent of the shimmering reflections of an evening gown. But that's not all. Once the results are displayed, Google doesn't stop there. It invites users to immerse themselves in the world of Barbie by displaying the 1,700,000,000 search results on a powder pink page, immersing users in a soft, feminine atmosphere.

Capture d'écran de la recherche Barbie dans Google
Screenshoot Google

6. Discover the Enchanted Capsule Collection

Fashion brand Zara was also inspired by the film and has launched a capsule collection entirely dedicated to "Barbiecore". Dresses, pyjamas, sparkling gold accessories, beauty products and much more are available in selected boutiques and two pop-up stores until the end of July. Other brands such as Kiabi, Gap, Undiz, Boohoo and Impala have also created special Barbie collections, offering clothes, accessories and even rollerblades in bright, flashy colours.

Photos du pop up store de Barbie
Photo credit : J'ai un pote dans la com

7. Virtual experiences

The Warner Bros. Snapchat campaign has also transformed iconic historical landmarks by dressing them up in bright pink and pastels, like Barbie Land, and even Mattel Films has jumped on the marketing bandwagon by offering users the chance to transform themselves into Barbie or Ken using a filter on their website. Bumble, the dating app, has also incorporated the Barbie aesthetic by bringing in the actors from the film to inspire its users to send compliments in their conversations.

8. Barbie The Movie Mega Crush Clog!

With this new collection, Crocs offers its customers the chance to plunge into the enchanted world of Barbie, while keeping their feet comfortably in their Crocs. Whether you're a die-hard Barbie fan or simply looking for a touch of whimsy in your wardrobe, the 'Barbie The Movie Mega Crush Clog' promises a sparkling and irresistible look.

Photo des crocs à l'éffigie de barbie
Photo credit : Elle et Crocs

9. Spotify in Barbie mode: Dive into an enchanted pink summer!

To the delight of Barbie fans, Spotify has created a special official Playlist dedicated to the famous doll. Entitled "Barbie Playlist", it's packed with upbeat, cheerful tracks that evoke the playful, enchanting spirit of Barbie World. By offering a special Playlist, Spotify is immersing its listeners in a candy-pink and enchanting atmosphere, allowing them to escape into a world of fantasy and dreams while listening to their favourite tracks.

Capture d'écran Spotify
Screenshoot : Spotify

10. Duolingo succumbs to the pink craze!

In the pink whirlwind sweeping the world, Duolingo, the famous language learning website and app, couldn't resist the call of Barbie. In a 30-second video, Duolingo's iconic mascot makes a dazzling appearance dressed in flashy pink outfits and accessories, proudly announcing that Duolingo is Barbie World's first language learning application. A surprising, but definitely enchanting combination. By joining the pink wave, Duolingo is showing that it's more than just a language-learning tool; it's also a fun, playful player who knows how to join in with Barbie's playful spirit.

Photo de dualingo en version Barbie
Photo credit : Ad Age

Barbiecore' is much more than just a trend, it's a global phenomenon that has inspired brands from all over the world to delve into the world of the famous doll. It would seem that Barbie still has a bright future ahead of her, and that the nostalgia of our childhood continues to stir the hearts of consumers the world over. So get ready to see life in pink!

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