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Passionnée par la communication, le design graphique et la technologie. Avec une solide expérience professionnelle, j'ai travaillé dans divers domaines, de la conception graphique au marketing numérique. J'ai obtenu plusieurs certifications dans ces domaines clés, attestant de ma compétence et de mon engagement envers l'excellence. Explorez mon profil pour en savoir plus sur mon parcours et mes réalisations. N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour discuter de possibles collaborations.

Currently coordinator of communications and events for a non-profit organization, I completed 3 years of work-study in communication and marketing within the world leader in tableware and then in an SME. I gained important experience and knowledge. Analytical, structured, and ambitious, I am committed to achieving my goals.


Strong points :Versatile ~ Project management ~ Curiosity ~ Teamwork ~ Autonomy ~ Creativity




MBA Digital Communication and Events

MBA ESG - Paris


Develop a market watch system and carry out studies, Management and monitoring of the economic performance of products, Formalize the marketing mix, Develop a communication strategy, strategic management.


  • Title of product and marketing manager


Masters in Marketing and Communication Management

Efficom - Lille


Strategic management, Brand management, Data in marketing and communication, Digital strategy, project management and innovation.


  • Title of communication and data science manager

  • Research thesis topic: Are collaborative web tools an opportunity or a threat for employees?

  • 1st place Marketing Challenge ~ creative challenge in street marketing for the Netflix company

  • 2nd place Workshop for the Twitter network ~ creative challenge and creation of a communication plan to reach 18/25 year olds

Professional experience



Communications and Events Coordinator

Stimulate, support and finance collaborative research projects in connection with the electrical energy industry.

  • Content creation for social networks and performance analysis

  • Project management withorganization of the first face-to-face networking event (46.87% attendance)

  • Publications, editing, modifications and monitoring of website statistics

  • Graphic designs and document layouts

  • Visual support for presentations and for strategic hearings

  • Technical and event monitoring

  • Creation and follow-up of Emailing operations (2.9% CTR)

  • Implementation of a new software for Emailings



Communication and Marketing Officer

Altereo is an engineering, consulting and innovation company in the fields of water, cities and territories in France and abroad.

  • Creation of content (articles, surveys, media posts) for internal and external use and 12 creation of the portrait of the employee of the month.

  • Organization of digital events: 1 webinar,35% participation, 8% feedback, visiotimes twice a month,average attendance 50%.

  • Publication, editing and statistical analysis on 2 websites

  • Graphic design and document layout (2 brochures, 6 leaflets)for presentations and strategic interviews. Editing of dozens of videos for internal use

  • Technical, legal and environmental monitoring

  • Surveys and market studies (water, ecology, urban planning)

  • Creation and follow-up of emailing (2% CTR)


Arc International

Communications Officer

Arc is one of the world leaders in tableware. It is a French multinational specialized in the design and manufacture of glassware for the table. The Arc group markets its collections in France and abroad.


  • Participation in the development of 2 product catalogs (verification of more than 1000 references, product updates)

  • Artistic direction, creation of photo briefs, models and follow-up of shootings as well as retouching and ensuring their international distribution.

  • Social media management for Arcoroc and ChefetSommelier brands in 3 languages on Instagram (25% increase in followers) and Facebook (4% increase in followers). advice andtraining of 3 employees for the creation of a LinkedIn account. Monitoring and analysis of social media data 0.75% Facebook engagement rate, 1% Instagram engagement rate.

  • Organization of a partnership for the ChefetSommelier brand (barista, oenologist, etc.), analysis of the results of operations, sharing and dissemination of this information.

  • Liaison with the press agency, 1 press conference for our new sustainable development range and around twenty press releases or articles in magazines (terre de vins, la revue du vin, etc.) monitoring and dissemination of results.

  • Integration into the communication group, for the organization of end-of-year greetings, 20% increase in employee attendance.

  • Project manager for the integration of interns into the company

  • Management of Arcoroc and ChefetSommelier websites


Philippe Olivier

Communications Assistant

Les Fromageries Philippe Olivier is 11 dairy-cheese shops in the North of France! Coming from a family of cheese collectors, refiners and merchants since 1907, Philippe & Romain Olivier have never stopped cultivating and perfecting the techniques and secrets of this art of ripening!

  • Creation of print and digital communication materials

  • Event management (conference for Laposte company)

  • Social media management on Facebook and Instagram



Communications Officer

  • Briefing of the communication agency concerning the production of communication support

  • Web agency briefing regarding changes to the website

  • Creating and sending newsletters with Mailjet (1% CTR)

  • Creation of an editorial plan

  • Social media management on Facebook and Instagram (Storie, post... 

  • Photographs of articles

  • Creation and posting of 16 blog articles 


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